Waterwoman Consulting™ is based in the Comox Valley and operated by Drinking Water Professional Sonya Jenssen who holds a Master’s in Water and Coastal Resource Management from the University of Bergen in Norway, and has over 14 years of work experience in the water field. 

Waterwoman Consulting™ provides the following professional services: 

  • Emergency response plans, strategic planning and feasibility studies
  • Policy review
  • Water system assessments and water quality reporting
  • Communications, content development, and public outreach 
  • Event and workshop coordination
  • Background research and data collection

Sonya obtained her Master’s in Water Resources and Coastal Management from the University of Bergen in Norway in 2006; for more information go to: About Waterwoman

Work and volunteer highlights

  • Consultant, Water System Assessment, Union Bay Improvement District
  • Presenter, Elder College lecture and short-course, North Island College
  • Consultant, Emergency Response and Contingency Plan & Turbidity Response Flow Chart, Union Bay Improvement District
  • Consultant, Open House, Union Bay Improvement District
  • Founder of the Comox Valley Vikings Suns
  • Researcher, Document and Photo Database & Forest-related Annotated Bibliography, Comox Valley Regional District
  • Board member, and chair of the HR & Governance committee, Comox Valley Arts Council
  • Producer, Comox Lake Water Calendar, Waterwoman Consulting 
  • Content developer, Water Education Article Series, Comox Valley Regional District
  • Judge, Comox Valley Local Heroes Award, Comox Valley Arts Council
  • Content developer, Video Training for Small Water System operators, BC Water and Waste Association
  • Contributor, monthly Q&A column ‘Conversations About Water’, Island Word
  • Event coordinator, BC Water Week 2016, Comox Valley Regional District 
  • Project consultant, update of the Watershed Management Plan, Village of Cumberland
  • Project consultant, Feasibility study, Puntledge Townsite Water Users’ Community 
  • Project consultant, Surface Water Quality Treatment Objectives, Union Bay Improvement District
  • Project consultant, Well Connectivity on Hornby Island, Comox Valley Regional District
  • Project consultant, Illegal Dumping Prevention Plan, Comox Valley and Strathcona Regional Districts
  • Judge, Marketing and Communications category, 2014 International Water Association 
  • Project manager, Municipal Alcohol Policy, Town of Comox and City of Campbell River
  • Project manager, Norwegian pavilion at the International Water Association’s 2012 global conference in South Korea, City of Oslo’s Water and Sewerage Works
  • Author, Comox Valley Drinking Water Reference Guide, 2007 and 2011, Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • Project consultant, Watershed Protection Plan Phase I, Comox Valley Regional District