Comox Valley Drinking Water Reference Guide©

The Comox Valley Drinking Water Reference Guide was a labour of love and passion for sharing information about the plethora of potable water systems here locally. As there have been changes in water system management and provincial law since the 2011 version, it is not currently up-to-date, but, it continues to offer a solid overview of the many systems in the Comox Valley. Copies are available for loan at the Vancouver Island Library, Courtenay branch, and North Island College, Courtenay campus.

An excerpt from the Comox Valley Drinking Water Reference Guide©, 2011 edition:

“Understanding the source to tap of drinking water is a complex task. This guide intends to simplify a multi-faceted process without losing the complexity involved in the protection, treatment, maintenance, and monitoring of drinking water supply systems.

The management of a drinking water system touches all government jurisdictions; the municipal, provincial, and federal, and each with a level of responsibility for water quality and quantity. An extensive legislative framework and subsequent practice is in place to ensure that Canadians receive safe drinking water; even so, concerns continue to arise over the governance and management of water quantity and quality.

The Comox Valley Drinking Water Resource Guide is designed to move readers from the source to tap path that drinking water travels everyday to reach your household tap. Each water system in the Comox Valley has been profiled, giving on overview of the water source, distribution and maintenance of your drinking water.

Ultimately, this guide hopes to inspire and inform the reader about the complexities involved in providing safe, clean drinking water to your taps at home and work. The next time you drink a glass of water take a moment to reflect upon the matrix of ecological and human ingenuity necessary in ensuring that each and every glass of water does indeed sustain your life”. 

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